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Press Release - Unione Gas Auto spa has been operating since 1963 in the sector of fuel distribution for vehicles throughout Italy. Structured to supply LPG, gasolines and LNG in the 47 service stations owned or in partnership, the company is present in Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Lazio, Abruzzo, Campania and Puglia. Specialized in the distribution of eco-friendly fuels – LPG and LNG – it is one of the largest private Italian groups.

It is engaged in various associations, and the founder Nello Rosi was for many years the soul of the Ecogas consortium, which represents the producers of systems for conversion to gas, materials wholesalers, installers, transporters, owners and managers of service stations and deposits, to promote and defend the sector in matters of legislation, standards and marketing with the appropriate ministries, parliament, local governments and experts.

It is a commitment that arises from Rosi’s passion for gas-fueled transportation: a pioneer of LPG for vehicles, ever since 1958, he has believed strongly in the use of gas as an alternative to traditional fuels, and actively contributed to the passage from tanks of LPG on vehicles to the introduction of fixed tanks, then to the realization of the modern filling guns, that eventually became the national standard.

Two symbols distinguish the activity of Unione Gas Auto spa. A big green G, the heart of the company’s activity: almost all the service stations in the network offer the public LPG fuel, the most widespread eco-friendly fuel used in Italy, and some also LNG, which is now in a stage of rapid expansion. The second important symbol is My En (My Energy) for the distribution of gasoline and diesel oil, with priority of attention to the quality and price. My En signs are already visible throughout Italy with service stations owned by the company and franchised.
Unione Gas Auto spa has adopted a model of Organization, Management and Control and his established a monitoring organization on the basis of the provisions of L.D. no. 231/2001 "Discipline of administrative responsibility of legal persons, companies and associations even when lacking legal liability".
The Unione Gas Auto S.p.a. business model is a collection of guidelines and principles of behavior to be applied for the prevention, in the sphere of the particular activities performed and considered "at risk" committing the crimes contemplated by L.D. 231/2001 and to ensure conditions of correctness and transparency in the management of the companies’ business. The contents of the model are considered irrevocable by Unione Gas Auto S.p.a.
The Ethics Code and Code of Behavior complete the picture: “The actions, operations, transactions and in general all the behaviors of the recipients in the exercise of their functions and responsibilities shall be ruled by the maximum integrity, honesty, correctness, loyalty, transparency, fairness, objectivity and respect for individuals, and by the responsibility to make wise use of the company's property and resources, both environmental and social.”
The company is based in Bologna, and has a branch office in Naples.