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Rifornimento di Benzina
Gasoline is obtained from the distillation of crude oil and consists of a blend of hydrocarbons. 
It is used to drive internal combustion engines with controlled ignition, which are typically used to power motor vehicles.
The European specifications of reference for unleaded gasoline are contained in standard EN 228, which harmonizes the national specifications throughout Europe for unleaded high-octane gasoline. The Italian version is UNI EN 228.
From 1 January 2009 all gasoline sold is free of sulfur.
Gasolines can be mixed, in a measure defined by technical specifications, with certain biofuels such as ethanol or ETBE.
Unione Gas Auto S.p.A. has established the brand My En, (My Energy) for the distribution of gasoline and diesel oil, with priority of attention to the quality and price.