Unione Gas Auto SpA and My En participate in the 11th San Marino, Sanremo and Monte-Carlo Ecorally, the regularity competition reserved for eco-friendly vehicles that will be held on June 17-18-19, 2016, valid for the Fia Alternative Energies Cup and for the ACI Sport Italian Championship.

This year the awards include the 11th San Marino Ecorally Trophy, the 8th Ecorally Press trophy, in collaboration with the Ecogas Consortium and Assogasliquidi, technical partners Lampogas and My En and the Nello Rosi memorial, in collaboration with Unione Gas Auto and Ecomobile.All the competitors will vie for the first of these trophies, while the Press and Nello Rosi awards are reserved for the journalists, who traditionally participate in the event in the special section devoted to them.

Anyone can participate as long as they drive an acceptable vehicle; hybrids are allowed, as are electric and other low environmental impact vehicles: mono and bifuel gas powered cars (LPG and LNG), as well as cars fueled with biomethane, biofuel and hydrogen.
After ten editions that linked the Republic of San Marino with Vatican City, along a fascinating route through central Italy, the 11th will take a new route from San Marino to reach the Principality of Monaco, also passing through French territory in a re-evocation of other famous speed rallies with four constant speed trials on the traces of the San Marino, Sanremo and Monte-Carlo Rally.
The program. The technical trials are scheduled for the first morning, Friday, in San Marino, shortly after the starting gun, with the first special trial in the section of the race ending at Parma, on the first day of the competition, passing through Forlì, Bologna, Maranello and Reggio Emilia. Saturday 18 June departure of the second day for Fidenza, Castelli di Parma and Piacenza, then Arma di Taggia and Sanremo, where a special trial will be held before the second overnight stay. The competition will resume Sunday morning – transiting through Ventimiglia and Mentone, where the last special trial will be held – and ending at Monte Carlo. Lunch and the award ceremony will follow.
It is worth mentioning that the route will include a fascinating section along the road of the Castles of Parma and Piacenza: Tabiano, Scipione, Vigoleno, the Rocca Viscontea di Castell’Arquato and that of Pianello di Val Tidone, followed by the castles of Grazzano Visconti, Rivalta, Agazzano, Montalbo, Castelnovo, Borgonovo Val Tidone and finally Sarmato.
The registration fee for each team (2 people, a driver and a copilot, who can switch roles during the competition) is 600 euro and includes registration, lunch, dinner and accommodations in double room for Friday and Saturday, plus lunch on Sunday 19 June.
The San Marino Ecorally is held with the collaboration of the Uiga – Unione Italiana Giornalisti Automotive (Italian Union of Automotive Journalists), the sponsorship of the Ministry for the Environment and Safeguard of Land and Sea of the Italian Republic, and the Secretary of State for Territory and Environment and the Secretary of State for Sports of the Republic of San Marino. The technical-regulatory management will be handled by the F.A.M.S. (Federation of Auto Sports of San Marino) through its Competition Officers; the timekeeping will be handled by the F.S.Cr. (San Marino Timekeeping Federation).
The competition, reserved exclusively for eco-friendly vehicles, is coherent with the innovative nature of the motor sports event where, in the past as in the present, countless technical concepts are tests during the competition. Many of the teams are made up of experts and professional drivers, but many are also just automobile enthusiasts and environmentalists.
The competitors have to follow the Road Book, which is traditionally used in rallying and contains symbols and drawings of the route and the trials. It is an effective navigating guide document. The trials consist of a timed start with a series of controls and measurements of passages using pressure hoses connected to a stopwatch. In addition, there will be at least four special trials which have to be traveled at a constant hourly average speed with passages controlled secretly and detected to photocells. It is essential to reach the passage points that dot the route at the exact time set, applying the average speed necessary.
Alongside environmental sustainability, safety is a priority: the principle on which the regularity competition is based consists precisely of respect for the traffic code, as the Ecorally competitions are held on roads open to traffic.