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From Tuesday 22 March 2016 and while the funds are available, citizens can reserve their access to the ICBI (Iniziativa Carburanti a Basso Impatto - Low Impact Fuel Incentive) at the Ecogas consortium website This is the campaign organized by the Ministry for the Environment to promote the use of LPG and LNG for cars. Known as A Gas (for Ambiente – the Environment) it has been suspended since 2012 after the funds ran out, and is the product of a programmed agreement between the ministry and 674 municipalities, of which Parma is the leader. The funds available – a residue of previous loans – amount to over 1 million 800,000 euro, divided among three incentives for the conversion to LPG and LNG. It is estimated that about 4,500 conversions to gas will be made using this incentive.

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LNG and LNG are the ideal ecocompatible fuels: cars fueled with gas are always allowed to circulate, even when traffic is limited because the admissible levels of pollution have been exceeded.
The gasses produced by the combustion of LPG and LNG have a very low content of polluting substances, some, but not all, of which are regulated, and greenhouse gasses.
According to the study Green Economy and Motor Vehicles: an Italian project carried out by the Foundation for Sustainable Development, “gas-fueled cars give better environmental performance that traditional cars with advanced standards: from 10 to 20% better in CO2 with respect to gasoline-fueled cars, and almost 80% less NOX and 40% less PM10 that a Euro 6 diesel-fueled vehicle.”
With gas drivers save about 55-60% on the cost of fuel compared with gasoline and diesel oil. In addition to this economic advantage they may also be state and local contribution.

On 22 March incentives got under way in 674 municipalities for the conversion to LPG and LNG of private Euro 2 or 3 cars and vans. Click here for more information..

To request information, report a problem, convert your car, contact our press office at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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Unione Gas Auto SpA and My En participate in the 11th San Marino, Sanremo and Monte-Carlo Ecorally, the regularity competition reserved for eco-friendly vehicles that will be held on June 17-18-19, 2016, valid for the Fia Alternative Energies Cup and for the ACI Sport Italian Championship.

This year the awards include the 11th San Marino Ecorally Trophy, the 8th Ecorally Press trophy, in collaboration with the Ecogas Consortium and Assogasliquidi, technical partners Lampogas and My En and the Nello Rosi memorial, in collaboration with Unione Gas Auto and Ecomobile.All the competitors will vie for the first of these trophies, while the Press and Nello Rosi awards are reserved for the journalists, who traditionally participate in the event in the special section devoted to them.

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