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Il fondatore Nello Rosi

Unione Gas Auto S.p.A., was incorporated on 20 March 1963, founded by Nello Rosi.

Pioneer in the field of LPG for vehicles, he created the logo of the green G.

Ever since 1958, he has believed strongly in the use of gas as an alternative to traditional fuels, and actively contributed to the passage from tanks of LPG on vehicles to the introduction of fixed tanks, then to the realization of the modern filling guns, that eventually became the national standard.

Early in the Nineties, he promoted the idea of an Italian consortium for LPG-fueled vehicles – which later became the Ecogas consortium – with the goal of promoting the use of gas as fuel and unifying the various elements of the sector.

The company has grown steadily in the succeeding decades, developing a network at the national level and becoming one of the leading groups in the sector of roadside distribution of LPG and LNG, as well as of gasoline and diesel oil, now distributed with the My En brand.

Already in the Nineties, the company had a distribution network of 40 service stations.

For the gasoline supplies, it flanked its own trademark with prestigious brands like Agip, Shell, Esso, Repsol.